In the Swing Of It: Hospitality Trend

The playful swing seat was reimagined in various various guises at this month&#8217s

Re-Joining your Guttering: A Step-by-Step DIY Guide

Keeping your gutters operating smoothly all year round with this handy guide to

How to: Make a DIY Tropical Leaf Tablecloth

Appears straightforward sufficient to make. I like the bold pattern!

Benefits of Metal Swing Sets over Wooden Swing Sets

 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 April 17th, 2015 in Project Gallery &#13 Swing

Coastal Ranch by Enduratex

Enduratex™ is introducing Coastal Ranch, a performance upholstery with Forbid, a particular agent that prevents blue jean transfer. Offered in a suite of modern colors “artfully conceived by renowned colorist,

Ceiling Painting: Guidelines and Suggestions

Painting your ceiling can be a tricky and tiresome job – so what’s the greatest way to go about it? Supply: When decorating a room in your house you

How to: Make Your Own DIY Mid-Century Inspired Geometric Wall Art

Photo: Lidy Dipert If you are a mid-century modern enthusiast and you are not watching Mad Men, you want to get with it. Not only is it very entertaining, but I can

DIY Greenhouse Watering Method

 &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 April 17th, 2015 in Project Gallery &#13 &#13 &#13 &#13 Greenhouses are a great way to appreciate the fruits of harvest all year long. Not

Edge by PearsonLloyd for Modus

PearsonLloyd fully customizable Edge table technique for Modus can be used across a selection of applications from a canteen table, to an office desk to a meeting space table. Basic, lightweight

Installing a Floating Floor

Receiving your floor fixed or re-fitted can be an straightforward job with a brand new floating floor – but exactly how does it work? Source: A floating floor can